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  • CES 2015 Las Vegas

    New Products:

  • Langerton Configuration Holograf
  • Voxativ Pi 2 loudspeakers
  • Gregitek Sirius loudspeakers


  • Synergistic Research PowerCell UEF
  • High Fidelity Cables Wave Guide Ultimate Reference
  • HighEnd Novum PMR Premium Mk.II


  • Synergistic Research Atmosphere


  • Win a Synergistic Research Atmosphere worth $2250

  • Welcome to the December 2014 edition of the highend-electronics Newsletter!

    First thing in the new year is that we are exhibiting at the CES 2015 in the Venetian Hotel, Room 29-132 Venetian Tower in Las Vegas. KR Audio amplifiers will drive Marten Design Coltrane loudspeakers. This time we are strickly analog and will play records with Hanss Acoustics turntables. Vibration control comes from Langerton. Please come and visit! This event takes place January 6th until 9th 2015 from 9am to 6pm.

    Langerton Configuration Holograf

    The new entry model loudspeaker from Langerton in Germany just arrived these days. It's called Holograf because it throws a very wide, deep and holographic soundstage. You would not believe that such a spacious sound field comes from a small speaker. It's a phase-corrected Compact-Speaker-System with wide and precise spatial imaging. Listening with closed eyes gives the impression of a far bigger system.

    Bert Seidentuecker of HiFistatement.net (July 2014):
    "...speakers with huge musical competence that entices the listener to continue listening for hours. Not only do they 'play well' with any type of music, they are exceptional with everything. That is, everything except poorly-produced source material – that is delivered without mercy... Speakers for demanding listeners!"
    Check out the entire review

    North American retail: US $5,960/pair
    New Products:

    Voxativ Pi 2 loudspeakers

    Voxativ released a brand new and improved version of the Pi loudspeakers. The Pi 2.

    The Acoustic Stealth Horn system can radiate about 40 Hz and sounds much more "open" than a reflex system. The driver system comes with a wooden cone and is new and in-house made. It's equipped with a magnet unit has been optimized by means of the finite element method (FEM) and Acoustic Stealth Technology (AST). The sculptural shape of the Pi 2 system combined with its impression of a full and rich sound makes this one of the best fullrange loudspeakers within this class. The Pi 2 will be ready for delivery in February 2015. The US retail price will be $14,900/pair (speaker stands included).

    Gregitek Sirius loudspeakers

    After two years of intense research, development and countless listening sessions with many different designs, parts and material combinations, Gregorio Giust and a team of Italian speaker engineers launched their first loudspeaker - the Sirius. The goal was to build a loudspeaker that looks beautiful, sounds great and is affordable. I can wholeheartedly say they succeeded in every way.

    The lute-shaped body is made of a special plywood which is hot-glue-pressed in Austria. The front baffle, the top part and the "Wunderhorn" for the tweeter is hand made in Italy from solid ash heart-wood, which is very dense and hard, carefully chosen for tonality (a similar method is used by the best Italian piano manufacturers). The base is made of 14mm chrome-plated stainless steel. The drivers are made in Norway and the crossover parts are from Germany. All of the finest.

    The sound is very open and spacious with great separation, relaxed and smooth, natural, very well balanced with a rich timbre like an Italian wine. They also can be very dynamic and punchy when the music demands. A joy to listen to!

    North American retail price: $9,990/pair

    Synergistic Research PowerCell UEF

    The NEW Synergistic Research PowerCell UEF w/FEQ - retail price $6995

    Robert S. Youman of PFO: "...next, I connected the PowerCell Equalizer. My gosh, now we have gone well beyond a description like 'significant'. The word 'dramatic' applies. Imaging was even more rock solid and the sound stage seemed to lock in and not just extend. We are talking about layering and holographic experiences that have not been realized before in my system... bass slam, detail and weight were even more impressive. There was a roundness and richness to the midrange that was truly addictive. Highs had a natural yet vivid jump factor and crispness without a trace of analytical presentation or edge..."
    Check out the entire review

    High Fidelity Cables
    Wave Guide Ultimate Reference

    Norm Luttbeg of The StereoTimes:
    "...on many recordings one senses the broad expanse of the recording venue with the High Fidelity Magnetic Waveguide Power Filer. You almost sense that you are there. The noise level drops dramatically revealing information that heretofore I had not heard, and the leading edge is so sharp that brass, drums, and pianos now sound quite real..."

    "...I once counted 27 various types AC filtering devices that I have tried, starting with a Graybar isolation transformer. The original question was whether one heard any improvement and then whether it was dynamic or not. With the High Fidelity Magnetic Waveguide power filter, my issue is how did I ever do without it. I will not be without it any longer..."

    Read the entire review

    Wave Guide Ultimate Reference - Retail $16,900

    HighEnd Novum
    PMR Premium Mk.II

    The HighEnd Novum PMR Premium Mk.II received a new review on HiFistatement.net

    Dirk Sommer, HiFistatement.net (Nov. 2014): "...the PMR convinced me fully in two rooms in a total of three constellations. Who craves more definition and a more airy space around instruments and voices should try the PMR. Depending on the situation, you can gain at least the same but usually significantly more with the investment in a PMR compared to the same sum in better cables..."

    Check out the entire review


    Synergistic Research Atmosphere

    The Atmosphere is a room acoustic enhancement device, placed between your speakers, that allows one to modify and improve the perceived soundstage as well as the quality of the sound from top to bottom of one’s system; all of this totally controlled by an iPad app.

    Steve Plaskin, AudioStream.com, Dec. 2014:
    "...I found the Atmosphere to be a remarkable product that contributed significantly to the enhancement of the sound of my system... Atmosphere works by changing the way we perceive our system with alteration of the RF in the room. Being able to select the desired sonic effects with an iPad is equally astounding. Adding the ATM elevates the performance of Atmosphere with Advanced Settings that are easy to implement. While I feel that Atmosphere is one of the most innovative and enjoyable new products to be offered to the audiophile market, its greatest attribute is that it allowed me to become more deeply engaged in the musical experience..."
    Check it out

    The winner of a Tranquility Base from last Newsletter is Ryan Phillips in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Congratulations!

    This time the question is: How many different types of AC filters did Norm Luttbeg try over the years? Please send the answer to: office@highend-electronics.com If you're answer is right you will be added to a drawing to win a new Synergistic Research Atmosphere. This is a value of $2250.

    Langerton MCB

    Gregitek Sirius loudspeakers

    KR Audio Kronzilla SX
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