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  • Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2012

    Awards/New Products:

  • HighEnd Novum PMR Premium No.2
  • Voxativ tube amplifers


  • Gregitek Promotion


  • Synergistic Research Tranquility Base
  • Synergistic Research Quantum Fuses

  • Welcome to the September 2012 edition of the highend-electronics Newsletter!

    We're glad to announce that we will be exhibiting at this year's Rocky Mountain Audio Fest in Denver, Colorado.

    In our main exhibit, in Room 418 we will present once more, by popular demand, the award winning Voxativ Ampeggio Signature loudspeakers with four different amplifiers. All three lines of KR Audio's tube amps - KR VA880 (KT-88), KR VA320 (300B) and Kronzilla SX (the mighty T-1610), the KR P130 preamp as well as Valvet's new 10 watt single-ended-solid-state E1r mono blocks.

    In room 1014 you can listen to the Kronzilla SXi with Von Schweikert VR-44 speakers and in room 1022 Dr. Eunice Kron is on site showcasing the KR VA340 (300B integrated amp) with Antelope Audio DACs.

    In Room 418 we also will be presenting the new HighEnd Novum PMR Premium No.2 acoustic resonator from Germany and audio furniture plus vibration control by Gregitek from Italy.

    The Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2012 takes place Friday Oct. 12th till Sunday Oct. 14th 2012 in the Denver Marriott Tech Center, Denver, Colorado. Check it out

    Awards/New Products:

    HighEnd Novum
    PMR Premium No.2

    We are proud to announce that our HighEnd Novum PMR Premium acoustic resonator, after StereoTimes Most Wanted Component Award, is now one of Stereophile's Recommended Components. It is listed in the October 2012 Issue.

    Furthermore there is now a new improved version available. The PMR Premium No.2, cast by hand in a German foundry made now from a higher grade of bronze with even longer cool off phases. The look and feel has improved as well. The No.2 is polished and has a shiny surface (MSRP $2320)

    As you can see in the photo Michael Jungblut is working on a Mini-PMR which will be released in the near future - stay tuned. Check it out

    PMR Premium No.2 (and Mini-PMR)

    Voxativ tube amplifiers
    845 monos blocks & PA-01 preamp

    Voxativ 845 poweramp & PA-01 preamp

    Voxativ's noble tube electronic debuted at the High End Show in Munich earlier this year and is now available in the US, and proudly distributed by us.

    The PA-01 preamp comes with a seperate power supply and is available with NOS tubes from Siemens ($24,000). The 845 mono power amps use Elrog ER845 tubes in the output stage and deliver 18 purest Class-A watts ($28,000/pair). Distinctive feature of this tube is a CNC-milled graphite anode - the first major innovation in tube technology since 80 years. Check it out

    Single Ended technology with high performance and new ideas. And of course: Handmade in Germany.


    Gregitek Promotional Sale

    Staring October 1st until the end of the year we have a promotional sale on all Gregitek orders. 20% off of the retail price for two months! This is a tremendous offer considering the top quality and beautiful looks of these hand-crafted Italian audio furnitures and vibration control devices.

    Gregitek manufactures high-end component racks, speaker stands, platforms, isolation feet, and cables. Designer Gregorio Giust, a long time hifi enthusiast and audiophile himself, has more than 40 years expierience with industrial vibration control and applied his engineering skills to unique and patented resonance control designs, fantastically finished and handmade in the finest Italian art.

    Gregorio's goal is to design and manufacture anti-vibration products that are based on solid technical knowledge and measurements, fine-tuned by ear. Check it out

    Gregitek StabTower

    Synergistic Research
    Tranquility Base

    Synergistic's Tranquility Bases are a big hit and already receive worldwide recognition.

    Steven Plaskin (Audio Stream): "...I then turned on the active portion of the Tranquility Base by inserting the Silver Enigma tuning Bullet. All hell broke loose!! The soundstage became holographic in size, definition and focus were enhanced, and bass definition further improved. The noise floor dropped and background silence was simply stunning."

    Customer feedback: "...in no shape or form does any other 'single' upgrade compare. This device imo is THE best 'platform' for SR's EM cell technology. A true game changer..."
    Check it out

    Synergistic Research
    Quantum Fuse

    The Quantum Fuse is another best seller from the house of Synergistic Research.

    Norm Luttbeg of StereoTimes wrote: "...I am a sucker for the thrill of hearing a sound that suggests I am at the recording venue. These fuses allow my equipment to yield such a holographic image. The sound is open, effortless, defined, extended, detailed, and most importantly realistic... Highly recommended."

    Big upgrade for little money, and the best is - you get a no-risk 30-days money back guarantee. Price is $59.95 for the small and $69.95 for the large fuse. You can place your order online... JUST CLICK HERE

    Synergistic Research Quantum Fuses

    KR Audio VA320 w/300BXLS

    VALVET E1r 10 watt Class-A Single-Ended-Solid-State mono blocks

    The world largest audio tube ever: KR T-1610
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